Last minute: President Erdogan announced the purchase price of hazelnuts

President Erdogan announced the purchase price of hazelnuts

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke at the collective opening ceremony of Ordu Stadium, Fatsa OSB and other projects that have been completed with education investments. Here, he announced the average purchase price of hazelnuts per kilogram as 54 liras.

Important headlines from President Erdogan’s statements:

-In the past, when things were going well in the world, we used to pay the price of instability and incompetent politicians with crises.

They’ve mortgaged our future. But today, while the whole world is in the grip of the crisis, we continue to advance towards our goals with full rein. Of course, we also have our problems, but we have the capacity to overcome them. For years, they have prevented this country by ignoring the national will, by injuring our democracy with coups, and by twisting the backs of our people with poverty and poverty. CHP had periods when gasoline was distributed with ration cards and bread was distributed. Thank God there are no such things in our government.

We broke the back of terrorism. There is no such thing as terrorism anymore.

As the last representative of the great cause, we came before you 21 years ago. We have seen that it is possible to do century-old works in 20 years. These young people in front of me are 20 years old and under. 30 was the age to be elected to enter parliament. We reduced it to 18. In Turkey, the ruling AK Party has lowered the voting and voting age to 18.


It was possible to fulfill the basic needs of this country’s education infrastructure, health system, road to airport, housing to dam in 20 years. Such an airport would suit Ordu or Giresun. Running with love does not get tired. That’s what we did. It means it’s happening.

-No one can afford to take this country and this nation back to 20 years ago.

We know what accounts those who have accounts on Turkey are in. There is no Turkey that is brought into line every 10 years. We, as a country and as a nation, have come out of humanitarian trials with a clear conscience.

-Now we have 2023 ahead of us. We will see a brand new world and a brand new future in front of us when we get through by reaching our goals and not compromising our achievements.

There’s a banner in front of me. “Mistake in the hazelnut branch, don’t wait for a vote from the six table Ordu.” That’s how my army is. He declares his limits.


-They do not have any acquis in the name of the work. They take ownership of our projects as if they were made by them. Wasn’t this Mr. Kemal the head of SSK once? Didn’t he screw up SSK? What did it do to them? Now, each of our hospitals is more beautiful than the other. Now we are building a city hospital in Ordu. From time to time, I call this person Mr. Kemal. Finally, he admitted it himself. But after the election, ‘Retired CHP General Manager’ should be added to this. For years, we told him to stop the politics of lies, but we could not make him listen. They do not have a problem with the values ​​and problems of the nation. On July 15, we saw him go to a corner and sip his coffee when he was in trouble. It touched us that they were so heartless.

Hazelnut purchase price by years
Year Hazelnut Purchase Price (TL/kg)
2015 15.48
2016 10.56
2017 9.73
2018 10.51
2019 16.04
2020 22
2021 26.5
2022 54


We have made 32 billion TL public investment in Ordu in the last 20 years.

Turkey is the world’s largest hazelnut producer.

-Ordu meets one third of our country in terms of both production area and yield. When we came to power, the purchase price of hazelnut was less than 1 dollar. Now we have increased this figure to over 3 dollars. I believe that we will put a smile on the face of our producer with the price we will announce today. This year, we announced the purchase price of hazelnuts as 54 TL with field support for levant quality. Be fertile. I wish good luck to our producers. TMO has completed all its preparations. After the harvest, the hazelnuts will begin to enter the warehouses. Congratulations to all involved….

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